2010 News Archive: Stories Relevant to WV SORO
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12-29 Regulation and Disclosure of Fracking at the Center of Gas Drilling Debate
12-27 Ohio County Drilling Starts
12-25 Gas Drilling Booms in Valley, Marcellus Shale Dominates Talk in 2010
12-19 What’s In The Water?: Fracking Chemicals Under Microscope
12-19 Deck the Halls With Gas Abstractors
12-16 ‘Halliburton Loophole’ False, Lawyer Claims
12-16 Emergency Officials Preparing for a Gas Drilling Boom
12-15 Operators neglect permits
12-15 For the legislature, time running out on several environmental bills
12-14 State lawmakers look at underground slurry ban, drilling regulations
12-14 Thumbs down: Gas-drilling companies must be accountable
12-14 Drillers Head To Brooke County
12-13 Cities seek to rein in gas drilling
12-13 Some Appointees to Oil and Gas Commission Are Industry Execs, Lobbyists
12-12 Industry, enviros praise NY gas-drilling time-out
12-11 Drilling Lease Control Crucial
12-10 Gas-drilling rush clogs some W.Va. country roads
12-9 Gold under the hills
12-8 Drilling Boom May Be Moving North
12-7 Watersheds Compact concerned about air quality, gas drilling inspectors
11-30 Moratorium on gas drilling passes New York legislature
11-30 Brakes put on natural gas drilling at Oglebay Park
11-29 Oglebay Gas Drilling on Hold
11-27 Gantzer Drill Pad Complete
11-24 Chesapeake Cited For Filling Local Streams
11-23 EPA: Chesapeake illegally buried W.Va. streams
11-23 EPA cites Chesapeake for illegally filling streams

Farmers Claim Gas Drilling Contaminated Their Water

11-22 Texas gas company plans to invest $350M in W.Va.
11-22 Officials not linking Braxton Co. quakes to gas drilling
11-21 New Driller On the Block: Caiman Invests Millions
11-20 Profs: Wells Pose Threat: Fracking lets loose uranium, other hazards
11-18 Gas industry opposes lawmakers' plan for new regs
11-18 New consortium aims to train workers for gas jobs
11-17 Buckhannon information session focuses on natural gas drilling
11-17 Shale Drilling Off the Table in Moundsville, For Now
11-16 Pittsburgh Bans Natural Gas Drilling
11-16 Officials get plan for proposed agency
11-16 Pittsburgh First Pa. City to Ban Gas Drilling
11-16 New report questions W.Va. rulemaking process
11-16 Legislators discuss gas drilling, water treatment plant upgrades
11-16 Marcellus Shale Drilling in Upshur County: Protecting the Environment
11-15 Marcellus Shale Drilling in Upshur County: Reaching the Natural Gas
11-15 WVDEP’s ‘rough and raw’ drilling legislation
11-14 Shale Gas Drilling: Pros & Cons
11-14 Marcellus drillers' image suffering
11-13 Gas Drilling Is Up for Vote
11-13 Officials Seek Stronger Drilling Rules
11-13 Water key focus of W.Va. DEP proposed gas law
11-12 NY’s former top environmental official talks fracturing
11-9 Eight of Nine U.S. Companies Agree to Work with EPA Regarding Chemicals Used in Natural Gas Extraction;
Halliburton subpoenaed after failing to meet EPA’s voluntary requests for information
11-9 EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
11-9 Science Says Methane in PA. Water Is from Drilling, Not Natural Causes
11-9 Ohio County Group Still Waiting for Deal With Drilling Outfits
11-7 Jobs, Revenue and Risks: Sides Picked in Gas Drilling Battle
11-4 WVDEP, WVDNR react to Chief Logan ruling
11-4 Court Upholds Permits To Drill In W.Va. State Park
11-4 Justices uphold ruling to OK drilling in state park
11-3 Court gives OK to Chief Logan gas drilling
11-3 Klempa Looks to Take On Drilling in Senate
10-31 Chesapeake Leases Voided: Middlebourne Couple Out $100,000
10-27 Oil industry has a way to go in W.Va.
10-20 W.Va. landowners appeal Chesapeake air permit
10-19 Wetzel Ruling Goes To Appeal Landowners want halt to operation of natural gas compressors
10-19 Well fees: Drill, baby, drill
10-18 Kanawha planners recommend oil, gas drilling fees
10-18 W.Va. property owners sue over canceled gas leases
10-11 Courts Sorting Out Marcellus Well Rules
10-8 WV Water Conference examines gas drilling, TDS
10-8 Drilling Needs More Inspectors; Environmental concerns also conference topic
10-8 Huffman: No need to reconfigure WV gas panel
10-8 Gas industry offers training for W.Va. responders
10-7 Gas industry, surface owners back 'forced pooling'
10-7 Press Release: Ruling in Well Spacing Case Favors W. Va. Surface Owners (10-7)
10-6 Industry climbs unconventional learning curves
10-6 Air quality also a concern in Marcellus gas boom
10-5 DEP Issues Wetzel Permits
10-5 Kessler speaks to [Parkesburg] Rotary about shale drilling
10-4 Foes in 1st District differ on Marcellus regulation
10-4 Rig Fire Probe Could Take Months
9-30 Marcellus Shale fight takes new turn with pipeline mandate (9-30)
[Click here to see Cabot's ad responding to the mandate.]
9-28 Tougher pipeline safety rules gain support in Congress
9-28 Well Fire Out, Natural gas blaze burned for more than one week
9-27 Up in the Air: Marcellus Source Determinations
9-27 Marshall County gas well fire no longer burning
9-26 Well Woes Grow: Accidents Leave Nerves Rattled
9-26 Oglebay Permits Held Up
9-25 Water Flow Dampens Effort to Put Out Well Fire
9-24 DEP Shuts Down Chesapeake Site
9-24 Gas Blasts Spur Questions on Oversight of Pipelines
9-23 West Virginia's Pipelines to Prosperity
9-23 DEP names panel to help guide W.Va. gas drilling (9-23)
9-23 Drilling Co. Will Pay For Fire Help
9-22 Wait and Watch On Gas Rig Fire
9-22 Chesapeake Wells May Have Leaked Methane
9-22 W.Va. justices wade into graveyard dispute
9-22 W.Va. justices hear arguments about drilling in state parks
9-22 Crews removing equipment from site of burning well
9-21 DEP: W.Va. gas well fire won't burn itself out
9-21 Rig Fire Is Third Crisis in Four Months
9-21 Supreme Court set to hear key case over oil and gas drilling on West Virginia’s state park lands
9-20 Marshall County gas well on fire
9-20 Fire burns at gas well in Marshall County
9-18 Drilling can dig into land value
9-18 San Bruno-type explosion unlikely in W.Va., experts say
9-18 Gas Well Training Begins for Responders
9-17 Conference addresses Marcellus drilling
9-16 Gas drilling fluid ruined Pa. water wells
9-15 DEP Secretary Working On Marcellus Shale Plan
9-15 Pa. Governor Apologizes for Tracking Enviro Extremists, but Questions Remain
9-14 Appalled' Pa. gov. shuts down reports on protests
9-14 Activists push for stricter Marcellus regulations
9-13 WV DEP issues 100+ gas drilling violations in last year
9-9 A Frack Job Explained
9-9 WVU Project Would Recycle Frack Water
9-9 W.Va. Moves Slowly in Considering Possible Drilling in State Forests
9-8 WVDEP looking to beef up drilling permits
9-8 Groups Brainstorm Oil and Gas Rules for W.Va.
8-31 Water on Fire in Harrison County?
8-31 Unions: West Virginians Better Qualified For Some Marcellus Jobs
8-27 In Braxton, there's a whole lotta shakin' going on: Is gas drilling causing earthquakes?
8-27 Dominion sues to complete gas storage field
8-26 Union protests hiring out of state workers for gas drilling
8-25 Earthquakes may be tied to gas drilling activity
8-23 Documentary on Gas Drilling Shown in Buckhannon
8-22 "Gasland" Film Raises Concern in W.Va.
8-20 Controversial gas drilling documentary shown at WV Wesleyan
8-19 Is West Virginia Ready for Wave of Marcellus Drilling?
8-18 Watershed groups support rules, regulations to protect streams from drilling activity
8-16 Natural gas accidents posing challenges for emergency responders
8-16 Marcellus drilling increases as do residents' concerns
8-16 Marcellus drilling concerns continue
8-16 W.Va. lawmakers push more drilling on public land
8-12 DEP Online Tool Addresses Dry Weather Stream Withdrawals
8-12 DOH to Use Gas Well Brine to Treat Roads
8-12 Gas drillers: New road-repair rules too expensive
8-7 David McMahon: W.Va. regulatory climate delays gas drilling? Please
8-4 Action Alert: Stunning 11th Hour Victory- NYS Drilling Moratorium Passes Senate
7-26 New scrutiny for drilling, EPA takes a fresh look at fracking process in Marcellus Shale
7-23 E.P.A. Considers Risks of Gas Extraction
7-23 EPA conducts public meeting on hydraulic fracturing study (with audio)
7-24 Drilling Allowed To Resume At Site of Explosion
7-23 Landowners say Del. company cheated them on oil, gas leases
7-23 Range Resources: Marcellus Shale Hydraulic Fracturing
7-22 DEP clears gas well operator to continue work in state
7-21 W.Va. falls behind Pa. in Marcellus natural gas drilling, study finds
7-19 West Virginia Water Protection Rules May Not Be Keeping Up  (with audio)
7-13 Union: Hundreds of WV Pipeline Jobs Going to Out of State Workers (with audio)

Drilling Chemicals May Pose Hazard

6-21 Vanity Fair: A Colossal Fracking Mess (with video)
6-21 W.Va. regulators scramble to keep up with drilling
6-20 TROUBLED PROMISE: Little oversight, looming problems for Pa. gas industry
6-20 Natural gas leases, royalties vary widely
6-18 Marcellus drillers face stringent wastewater regulations [in PA]
6-18 Harrison board OKs lease of oil and gas rights
6-17 Film challenges safety of U.S. shale gas drilling
6-15 Drilling Blasts Are High Priority
Company will start to cap burned site in Marshall County today
6-14 Critics Challenge University Research in Pa. Debate Over Natural-Gas Drilling

Marcellus well blowout: Dark side of economic gain

6-13 As Pennsylvania well permits boom, neighbors' fears deepen
6-10 State probes safety of Marcellus drilling sites
Review prompted by W.Va. explosion
6-10 Mineral Drilling Affecting Safety of Upshur County Residents (with video)
6-10 DEP orders review of driller following W.Va. explosion 
6-10 WV DEP suspends state operations of company with gas well permit (with audio)
6-10 Investigation continues at gas drilling explosion site  (with audio)
6-10 W.Va. DEP halts work at site of gas well blast
6-9 Methane Explosion Raising Questions
6-8 Fort Worth drilling firm's rig spewing flames in West Virginia
6-8 Minimize Risk In Gas Drilling
6-8 Methane May Burn for Days
6-7 Marcellus Shale drilling boom in W.Va. could last for years
6-7 Marshall Gas Well Explodes
6-7 W.Va. gas well blast injures 7; flames now 40 feet
6-4 Gas, fluids spew for hours from blown-out Pa. well
5-21 Salem Council hears request for moratorium on gas drilling
5-19 "Fracking" Prompts Health, Environmental Questions about Gas Extraction (with audio)
5-19 Pittsburgh researchers look for better ways to treat gas drilling wastewater
5-4 Shepherdstown organization tracking Gulf oil spill (with audio)
5-4 Hunt for gas, oil keeps W.Va. county clerks busy
5-3 When Out-Of-State Companies Drill For Gas, What Does WV Get? (with audio)
4-30 Communities, Residents Seek Relief From Drilling Activities (pdf)
4-23 State Decision Blocks Drilling for Gas in Catskills
4-23 Standing room only (Coverage of April 24 Meeting in Rock Cave, WV)
4-21 Another oil spill cleaned up in Doddridge County; DEP issues citation
4-16 Press Release: Informational Meeting on Oil & Gas Drilling Set for April 22 in Upshur County
4-16 Marshall County board OKs gas drilling in park
4-12 ProPublica Podcast on the EPA and Gas Drilling

Gas wells to be drilled in N. Charleston

3-29 Natural Gas: Fuel of the Future
3-25 Chesapeake, Schlumberger fined $22,000 each in cows' deaths
3-20 Protests halt drilling auction near Mon Forest
3-18 EPA Launches National Study of Hydraulic Fracturing
3-18 EPA to study drill method behind natural gas boom
3-17 EQT helps fund Extension's gas-drilling program
3-16 Researchers test way to reuse Marcellus drilling water  (with audio)
(3-15 Bill to mandate stricter water reporting dies on final night (with audio)
3-15 Water quality bill expires, but advocates say fight is not over (with audio)
3-14 West Union official angry over state’s handling of spill in Doddridge stream
3-11 Court to hear Chief Logan drilling appeal
3-11 Letter to the Editor: Drilling law is outdated
3-10 DEP Releases New Online Frack Water Reporting Form
3-9 AOP Clearwater Plant Open in Marion County
3-9 Natural gas reporting bill clears Senate committee
3-9 Bill to protect waterways clears one committee hurdle (with audio/video)
3-9 Supreme Court set to consider appeal of Chief Logan State Park gas drilling
3-9 Boom In Marcellus Gas Drilling Brings Calls For Tighter Controls (with audio)
3-8 Action Alert: Public Hearing Monday, 3/8/2010 ~ Urge Your Delegates to Oppose SB 369
3-5 Action Alert:  Two Bills, Two Actions
3-3 House Bill Eyes Shale Gas Drilling
3-3 Green disputes claims that oil & gas oversight change will open door fo Marcellus shale operations
3-1 Rush on gas-well drilling bill unfair, owners group says
2-28 Action Alert: Contact Your Delegates Now ~ Urge Them to Support the Marcellus Shale "Water Bill"
2-28 Decision Could Allow Anonymous Political Contributions by Businesses
2-28 Mon Forest parcels up for oil, gas lease bids
2-26 Will SORO Bills Be Taken Up in Time?
2-17 Dominion funding natural gas Extension program
2-12 Land use planning bill gets referred to subcommittee
2-12 Senate's well-drilling rule draws environmentalist fire
2-10 Press Release: Landowners seek fair treatment from oil and gas drillers
2-10 W.Va. lawmakers again try to referee gas drilling
2-8 Minard works to weaken WVDEP’s new drilling rules
2-8 'Hallway deal' resulted in more lax oil-gas regulations (with audio)
(2-5) FREE GAS RIGHTS COULD BE TAXED - Historic Hands-Off Deal Threatened
(2-4) DEP to Rewrite Brine Water Land Application Permits
2-2 Natural gas royalties to improve Hare Krishna community (with audio) (2-2)
(WV-SORO founder Dave McMahon is interviewed about our efforts to pass a Surface Owners' Bill of Rights)
2-2 Natural gas drilling poses threat to region's groundwater
1-28 Manchin says state is 'partner
1-26 'Green' investors target Marcellus Shale drillers
1-26 EPA Press Release: EPA Announces "Eye on Drilling" Tipline (1-26)
Click here for Tipline Instructions
1-25 Landman Report Card Website Launched: A Resource to Support Citizens Negotiating with Big Energy
Click here to view or write a report card

Underground Injection of Gas Industry Brine Taking Off

1-19 Oil and gas operators skirt federal law, report says (1-19)
(Click here to read the report)

Keyser to Seek DEP Permission to Treat Gas Industry Wastewater

1-13 Health Care and Marcellus Wells
1-13 WVDEP drilling rules advance, setting up legislative fight
1-13 Marcellus Shale Guidance Available from W.Va. Department of Environmental Protection
1-13 DEP puts out Marcellus guidance document and permit addendum

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