Information on the Marcellus Shale

"Marcellus Play "fairway" and rich gas areas -- December 2010"

UticaShale by USGS.  Another shale may be coming (138 MB)


Congressional Research Service Documents related to Marcellus Shale

Community impacts

Horizontal Wells from centralized well sites should be used for the Marcellus Shale

Current events on Marcellus shale

Range Resources: Marcellus Shale Hydraulic Fracturing

Buried Secrets, ProPublica's Ongoing Series on Gas Drilling's Environmental Threat

For more informaition on fracturing to go the Earnthworks web site.

Natural gas drilling poses threat to region's groundwater  (2/2/2010)

In order that you can better understand the facts about this formation and its potential development, we have located the following technical information.

Article written by WVSORO co-founder David McMahon published in the West Virginia State Bar magazine:  "The Marcellus Shale.  The need to change real estate transaction documents."

Pictures of the Marcellus Shale at the surface

River Alert Information Network

Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States: A Primer  (US DOE, April 2009)

What is the "Marcellus Shale"? Basic information form the West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey. (You may have to use the "+" magnifier on your computer's .pdf reading software for the maps)

I want to find out what is in the water they use to "frac" a wells when they put it down and when it flows back. Is there a way I can do that?

Morgantown Dominion Post article on Marcellus Shale   August 16, 2009

New York State Paves Way for Gas Drilling With Release of Environmental Review   September 20, 2009

Riverkeeper Report on Problems  September 23, 2010

Industry video on horizontal drilling in Marcellus Shale

Marcellus Shale - Appalachian Basin Natural Gas Play

Another Shale Making Seismic Waves

Here is a Pennsylvania web site with a video that illlustrates how close together Marcellus Shale wells might be

Other web sites on the Marcellus Shale

Assessment of Undiscovered Natural Gas Resources in Devonian Black Shales, Appalachian Basin, Eastern U.S.A.

A primer on gas well gold rush: From the Marcellus Shale to horizontal drilling

West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey on the Marcellus in some of W.Va.

West Virginia State Journal article on Marcellus Shale well water use and facturing fluids

Groundwater Protection Council 2008 report on Hydraulic Fracturing Considerations for Natural Gas Wells of the Marcellus Shale

A technial presentation with photos on fracturing and stimiulating this formation (~6.7mb pdf)

Fracturing A Natural Gas Well

New York State regulators begin gathering informatinn regardin frac fluids

What’s in that fracking fluid?

Illustration from Pennsylvania DEP web site of underground parts of horizontal vs. vertical drilling and fracing of Marcellus Shale well from Pennsylvania DEP web site

Environmental Working Group Report on Hydraulic Fracturing -- "Drilling Around the Law"

A presentation on the Geology of the Marcellus Shale (~1.8 mb pdf)

EXCO Resources Map of Marcellus shale

OGAP Marcellus Shale Report  (~1.0 mb pdf)

Marcellus Shale Development - Water Resource Challenges (~1.0 mb pdf)

News article on Marcellus Wells water beging processed by W. Va. water plants

Susquehanna River Basin Commission - Marcellus Shale Gas Well Development 

Pennsylvania: DEP Orders Partial Shutdown of Two Natural Gas Drilling Operations in Lycoming County

A map from the EIA showing gas reserve estimates for southern WV and western VA through 2001 (~1.7mb pdf)

A map from the EIA showing gas reserve estimates for north western WV and southern OH through 2001 (~2.8mb pdf)

Unconventional natural gas reservoir could boost U.S. supply

Experts take new look at Appalachian Basin for deep reserves

Appalachia to the rescue {more details about Natural Gas field}

News article on companies interested in the Marcellus Shale

Links to many Pennsylvania news stories

Investors Perspective of Shale Valuations

UBS Shale Plays Analysis

2008 Oil & Gas Conference - Carrizo Oil Presentation 8.12.2008

More info on Chesapeake

Chesapeake Reassesment of Marcellus Shale

Oil, gas wells face waste hurdle

Chesapeake horizontal drilling plans, November, 2008

Chesapeake Sells Interest In Marcellus Shale Development

Colorado Establishes New Drilling Regulation




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